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The Domaine de Vieillecour welcomes limousine breed cows

The Domaine de Vieillecour welcomes limousine breed cows

The Domaine de Vieillecour provides an ideal environment for new breed cows

The Domaine de Vieillecour welcomes today new residents! It is with great pleasure that have arrived about fifteen limousine breed cows, aged one year, they will stay on the farm about 2 years. Besides, they are not really cows but heifers since they have not yet had a veal.

They live a wonderful life in the field: they are in semi-freedom in our meadows, passing from a fresh pasture to another and being able to drink in unpolluted wild water. When the food is scarce during the winter months, we give them hay product on site. If the weather is bad, they can go back anytime in their all-wood stabling.

One may wonder: what does it recognize ?

To answer this questions we can summarize by saying that the limousine breed is characterized by its uniform color dress with pale red, clearer around the mufle and eyes . They are large animals, with 135 cm (750 kg) at the withers for females and 145 (1,100 kg) for males.

They are also recognizable for their nervous character and lack of docility, especially when they are raised in the air like here in Vieillecour fields. For example, this week we saw two heifers climbing the dike to join the edge of their beeting pond, 2 meters to climb, we let you imagine the scene! On a daily basis that’s Florian who takes care of all that little world, you may meet him during your stay (link to accommodation) in one of our accommodations, he will be happy to discuss about his job and the region that he knows well if you feel like it.

???? Do not hesitate to book your stay here to discover our estate and our limousine breed cows. ????

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